6 Month - Damaged Mold Insurance Policy

6 Month - Damaged Mold Insurance Policy

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Our molds are 3-D printed and carry a 30 day limited warranty from your delivery date, not your order date.

Beyond that - ACCIDENTS DO HAPPEN  - That's why we are now offering a Damaged Mold Insurance Policy, which is a great value for you.

The cost to you - for a 6 month policy on any mold you purchase is $27.00

NOTE: You must purchase your policy at the time you purchase your mold.

The 6 Month Insurance Policy covers:

One replacement mold (per policy purchase)  & shipping to your location.

If you do not use your insurance to replace a damaged mold during the life of the 6 month policy, you will receive a 40% off discount code on any mold in our store. NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING


Our molds are sturdy and should last quite a while if maintained properly. Follow these proper mold care tips for the longevity of your molds

1. Clean your mold by damp wiping it off, but DO NOT submerge it in water for long periods of time.

2. To reduce wear & tear of mold rims while making bath bombs, we strongly suggest making your 2.5 inch bath bombs 5.8 oz or heavier. This produces a minimal saturn ring and insures that your mold edges will not scrape together.